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Are your products the same as LEGOs? 

No, most of our building sets are Nanoblocks. They are smaller in size than the traditional Lego but just as fun to put together! 

Are the blocks compatible with other sets?

Some sets are compatible and interchangeable with each other. If it is a set that is compatible with other products, it will be listed in the product description (ex. Diamond Block Series or Mini Block Series). Our sets are predominately Nanoblocks and are not compatible with Lego blocks, unless stated otherwise. 

What if the set I've received has missing blocks?

We pride ourselves in the quality control of our products. Most of our sets will even have extra blocks! In the rare instance that your set is missing blocks that affects the aesthetic of the final built, we will be happy to assist you in a full or partial refund. 

What is the difficulty level?

Each individual set varies in difficulties depending on the size of the blocks and the number of pieces. The smaller the pieces and the higher the piece count, the harder it is to put together. We suggest beginners to start with smaller sets and build their way up. Or challenge yourself and go big! 

Will my child be able to put them together?

Most of our products are suggested for children 8+ due to the size of the blocks. If you've got yourself a little builder, we suggests sets with blocks larger in size. Adult supervision is advised, Family Fun guaranteed.   

Order and Delivery.

When will I received my order?

Our suppliers are located in Asia, shipping time will vary depending on your location. Please refer to our Shipping Page for more information.

Does my order come with a tracking number?

Yes! All orders come with a tracking number free of charge! The tracking number will be sent via email once your order has been shipped. It will take up to 2-7 days before the tracking information will be made available. 

Why did I only receive part of my order? Where's the rest?!

You may receive your order in multiple shipments. You will only be charged once for each order. Each product is dispatched as soon as it has been processed so that you can get building sooner! 

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